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Meet Shero Kayla Barton, Founder of Boss Mom Society in Clinton, MD. Boss Mom Society is a motherhood support group for single mothers between the ages of 18 and 30. Boss Mom Society supports the life of single mothers by building up the mother emotionally and spiritually and providing financial assistance when possible. Providing annual mom events, posting daily encouraging content that displays a lifestyle of positivity and strength, and surprising mothers with lunch and/or dinner; Boss Mom Society goes the extra mile in assuring they live up to their pledge of helping in every way they can to support you and your children.

Boss Mom Society found that with word of mouth and the power of social media, posting live and visual content helped their audience to see their authenticity and hear their desire to support. They found that mothers connected more when they could see their genuineness to shed a positive light on being a single mother. Although it can be difficult no to compete over limited resources, Kayla always remembers to reflect on the mission of Boss Mom Society and why she started the non-profit. Kayla understood that each mother's journey through motherhood is different but all mothers want to be validated as being a good mother. Boss Mom Society helps mothers not to compare themselves to other mothers and to understand that they are the mother they need to be for their children. Being a single mother of two kings and queens in training, Kayla under that it is hard to navigate life without any guidance. Boss Mom Society strives to ease the stress of struggling mothers by providing knowledge, training, resources, and various support groups. Learn more about Boss Mom Society at, follow @bossmomsociety on Instagram and Facebook.

Boss Mom Society continues to be a pillar of support for single mothers and offers many opportunities for mothers to connect and learn from each other. Boss Mom Society looks forward to hosting a Momumental Weekend Getaway for Mother's Day and a Bro Brunch for Father's Day. Outside of her platform, Kayla, hosts gatherings supporting positive energy with friends and family to support and is always looking for opportunities to get the community together to normalize being around strong single mothers.

To Kayla, we thank you for your crazy faith that with God anything is possible. This Woman HerStory Month we salute you for using your life to display strength and positivity and showing the world there is nothing wrong with being a single mother. This is HerStory!

Stay tuned for the next episode of Vent with S.A.S.S Podcast to learn more about Kayla Burton and her new projects at Boss Mom Society, episode available on March 31, 2021at 6 pm est.

Stay Blessed and Enlightened

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