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Meet Shero Dr. Amber Thornton, Founder of Balanced Working Mama in Washington, DC. Balanced Working Mama helps mothers to find balance in their work, motherhood, and wellness. Balanced Working Mama works to redefine motherhood, advocates for maternal wellness, and helps mothers to prioritize their wellness and health. Balanced Working Mama offers an Empowerment Wellness program; a quarterly six-week program that helps mothers to take control of their wellness; mothers learn how to prioritize themselves and establish balance, and an annual retreat for mothers to engage with like-minded mothers regarding different aspects of finding balance in work and motherhood.

Dr. Thornton found that in being open and transparent about her personal parenthood journey she was able to build and foster a community around those who want the support and desire to find balance in their lives. Dr. Thornton reflects on a time in which she remembers what she needed as a new mother to feel uplifted and empowered; too often she saw mothers neglecting themselves, not prioritizing their needs, sacrificing their dreams for their children, and she knew she did not want the same for herself and family. Outside of her platform, Dr. Thornton tries to live by the same standards as Balanced Working Mama by fostering a sisterhood of mothers empowering mothers that are striving for the same work-mom-life balance.

As Dr. Thornton prepares to go on maternity leave, Balanced Working Mama is preparing to launch an interview series featuring women that use their services discussing how utilizing skills they learned during the Empowerment Wellness program has helped them to find the balance between work, motherhood, and wellness. Empowerment Wellness begins in July, open enrollment begins in July. Season four of the Balanced Working Mama Podcast begins April 5th. Learn more about Dr. Amber Thornton and Balanced Working Mama at and follow her on Instagram @balancedworkingmama.

To Dr. Thornton, we thank you for your tenacity to show mothers that achieving balance in their work, motherhood, and wellness makes for a more fulfilling life and enjoys motherhood journey. This Woman HerStory Month we salute you for your passion to help all mothers redefine motherhood for themselves and to achieve the ultimate balance for their families. This is HerStory!

Stay tuned for the next episode of Vent with S.A.S.S Podcast to learn more about Dr. Amber Thornton and her new projects at Balanced Working Mama, episode available on March 31, 2021at 6 pm est.

Stay Blessed and Enlightened

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