Juneteenth Reflection

On Juneteenth 2020, we hosted our first Vent With S.A.S.S. session. As I sit back reflecting on the things I can do better moving forward with these bi-weekly sessions, I can't help but mediate on my best friend and mentor's advice to take the time to actually enjoy my success without rushing into the next task, not only will it result in quick burn out but it isn't fair to myself. I can't tell you how right she is. I am so proud of me right now. I set a goal to reach a certain number of Mothers on Juneteenth and I am happy to report that I reached twice as many Mothers than I intended. Vent with S.A.S.S. was such a success that afterwards I had Mothers asking to be invited to the next session or how they can join the S.A.S.S. team!

In all my success I couldn't help but remember a time when Vent with S.A.S.S. was called Sistah to Sistah Peer Support Group operating out of the church I was going to at the time. I remember sitting in an empty church week after week never reaching any of the Mothers I intended to reach. My friends can tell you I was truly crushed on the inside, utterly disappointed. I was doing everything right, I was passionately-driven, I was talking about the event as much as I could, I was showing up every week but I wasn't reaching my targeted audience. To go from that to seeing so many Mothers show up to Vent with S.A.S.S. truly warmed my heart and reassured me that S.A.S.S. is needed in my community.

So I think I will spend this Father's Day reveling in all of my success thus far: in May 2020 we officially became incorporated, we reached our $400 fundraising goal in less than two weeks thanks to our generous donors, we increased our customer engagement on social media, I stepped from behind my computer screen and made my first video explaining why I started S.A.S.S. and I hosted the first Vent with S.A.S.S. session with more Mothers than I expected!

There is still so much work to do for S.A.SS. but there is so much to be celebrated right now.

I can't wait to start connecting with more Mothers.

Stay Tuned!