A Dose of Sasspiration

Get out of your head and stop doubting yourself. Yup, you read that correctly. Get out of your head and stop doubting yourself. Stop telling yourself what you are not good at before you try. Stop over analyzing your capabilities and believe in yourself the way you wish for everyone else too.

My name is Jerre’ and I am an over-thinker. I can freely admit that I can be overly meticulous and ambivalent when it comes to making decisions. For weeks I’ve been saying how bad we need someone to help us with our brand awareness, managing our social media account, and creating graphics. I told myself I don’t know how to create graphics so many times that I allowed that mindset to put me behind on deadlines and prevent me from creating at all. It was that way of thinking that caused me to spend hours upon hours trying to create the perfect post with the perfect caption. Needless to say, a website launch, an obtained non-profit status, six vent sessions and three email campaigns later, I can honestly say I’m proud of little ol’ me. Once I got out of my head, I stopped doubting myself and overthinking, I was able to create and publish content that I like and was proud of. I can only be grateful for my ability to be sensitive enough to listen to myself and to go with my gut feeling about what I am creating and what my capabilities are.

S.A.S.S. Inc. is new and yes we are growing but we are new and as a wise woman once told me, "stop waiting for someone’s approval and realize that you make the standard and the sooner you recognize and accept that you cannot do it all by yourself, the better off you'll be.

I’ll say again: Get out of your head and stop doubting yourself. Everything you need, your brand needs, your organization's needs, and everything your child(ren) needs is already instilled within you. It’s your job to be sensitive enough to listen and not only listen but to express gratitude whenever you can. Life is a journey and you have to be in tuned in enough to trust the process.

Today, I’m grateful, not only for my ability to be in tune with myself but for all of our accomplishments big and small. S.A.S.S. Inc. is in store for great things.

Stay tuned for more A Dose of Sasspiration! Stay Enlightened and Stay Blessed!

J. Smith


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