A December to Remember

‎”In every crisis, there is a message. Crises are nature’s way of forcing change — breaking down old structures, shaking loose negative habits so that something new and better can take their place.” — Susan L. Taylor

It goes without saying that in 2020, the entire world was experiencing a widespread crisis. Everywhere you turned you saw it, systematic racism, the war on black and brown bodies, police brutality with no accountability, enabling systems disguised as help that continue generational poverty, political scandals causing national embarrassment, and worst of all a virus we were not prepared to fight that resulted in many lives being lost. To describe 2020 as exhausting would be an understatement nonetheless people showed how resilient they are; across all social media platforms and new technology software meant to bring people together, you saw people trying to hold on to any resemblance of hope. From new dance challenges to virtual day parties, the world found a way to push past all we had to endure to sprinkle a little sunshine in people's lives. Strong Attitudes Supporting Sistahs, Inc. rose to meet the needs of the Mothers directly impacted by the new demands of our society by providing a safe space for Mothers to come together to be their authentic selves. We invited Mothers to express their raw emotions and to speak honestly about their Motherhood journey. Although, small in number we were mighty in impact, we ended our year setting high standards for a new organization under a year old. We partnered with a well-known non-profit, Woman Offering Wealth, and hosted our first virtual fundraising event; A December to Remember.

December was surely a December to Remember for Strong Attitudes Supporting Sistahs, Inc. Being that we are a new organization we saw it as being imperative for us to partner with other community organizations in order to continue making the impact we set out to make in the DMV. In partnership with Woman Offering Wealth, Hope Toys and Laughter, and Portstown Church we joined to hosted W.O.W's 4th annual A December to Remember Christmas event. Due to the pandemic, we had to be creative in our approach if we were going to live up to our event's title, A December To Remember. We could have never imagined the amount of support we received during these tumultuous times. It is because of major donors like Clean Choice Energy, My Fab Finance Teles Professional Services, Nissan Car Dealership, and Foody Pizza and Grill that we were reminded about the true meaning of Christmas. We ended the year with not only our first sponsorship from Clean Choice Energy; we pulled together $3000 in donations and were able to sponsor 50 children and 6 adults with gift cards for the Holidays. On December 19, 2020, we hosted a night of games like Who Sung it Anyway and an Ugly Sweater Contest, performances and Holiday well wishes; we came together to warm the hearts of families in the DMV.

To each of our donors, small and large alike on behalf of Strong Attitudes Supporting Sistahs, Inc thank you for making 2020 A December to Remember for the families in the DMV. With all that was going on in the word you dig deep into your hearts and gave selflessly. Thank you for making these first six months in operation, moments we will never forget. You helped us to set our standards high and we know we can count on you to fulfill our new mission; at S.A.S.S. Inc. we are committed to the empowerment of Black single mothers through access to community resources and encouraging mothers throughout their motherhood journey. We look forward to our continued partnership with Woman Offering Wealth and the new year being sponsored by Clean Choice Energy

We can't wait to unveil a new year of projects and opportunities for you to move involved with S.A.S.S. Inc. Stay enlightened and stay blessed. We wish you a new year of endless possibilities, may you be blessed far past your wildest dreams.

J. Smith


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